[OPEN] Dual monitor problem

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[OPEN] Dual monitor problem

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Hi Friends, First time Arco Linux user here though I've been using Linux for years.

Running a dual monitor system and had to turn one of them off in order to install Arco, as I got a black screen with both monitors on when I tried to install initially. I've run into this problem with other Linux distros and the solution is to turn off the secondary monitor while installing. I got the system installed and tried to get the second monitor working but all the system could see was the main monitor. I tried everything I could think off with no success. He's the weird part. I installed Steam and as Steam was loading the second monitor cam on with a mirrored desktop with the same resolution as my widescreen monitor (3440x1440). I went into Display Configuration and it still shows only one monitor. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Buzz.

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Re: [OPEN] Dual monitor problem

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What is your video card? Did you install the drivers for it?

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