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[QUESTION] Looking for betatesters

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[QUESTION] Looking for betatesters

Post by darknetmatrix » Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:59 am

What are our criteria to choose you?
You live and breath ArchMerge
You are making promotion screenshots for ArchMerge on google+ in general
You help people out on the forum, facebook, google+, …
You are constructive, polite and an positive influence on social media
You must have a good linux knowledge
What will you receive in return?
Personal training and guidance from all of us
Bug fixing
First hand information about next releases
Download the latest iso
Influence decision making processes behind the screens
What do we expect from you once you are a betatester?
Get to the same linux level via tutorials on youtube
Install newly created iso’s on ssd/virtualbox to check there are no bugs/errors.
Improve ArchMerge in the broadest sense
Be positive, constructive and polite on all social media
I hope this does not scare you off.
Tell a bit about yourself or provide some relevant links in your mail.
Send your Youtube, google+, Facebook and Linkedin links so we can find you.
In order to share the iso’s we need your gmail account to share them on gdrive.
Do you still want to become a betatester?
send a e-mail to:
linux user # 527315
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