[OPEN] Dual Monitor Issue

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[OPEN] Dual Monitor Issue

Post by Cully_83 »

After doing an install my dual monitor setup looses 1 monitor, the 2 monitors are operating fine while in the live ISO and during the install but after rebooting on completion of the installation this is when the issue occurs.
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Re: [OPEN] Dual Monitor Issue

Post by erikdubois »

Let us first gather all the basic information.

Copy/paste from rules in Discord.

After checking there is no such issue posted on the forum you create a new post in the correct forum. Give us the following elements at least.
- what iso are you using - type' iso' in the terminal and copy paste that in the post between tags in the forum post
- type 'inxi -b' in a terminal and copy/paste the code between tags in the forum post
- type 'probe' in a terminal and provide us the link
- what graphical drivers have you installed
- on what desktop does the error occur
- is that system up to date - go to TTY (CTRL + ALT + F2 or in VIrtualbox RIght CTRL + F2) and type 'update' and reboot first
- why do you think you have an issue - previous actions can explain the current issue
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