[OPEN] smb share prevent booting if share not available

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In my fstab I am automounting my image server using this line:

// /mnt/KuvaServu cifs uid=1000,gid=<myusername>,user=<myusername>,password=<mypassw>,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,nofail,noperm 0 0

and everything goes ok if server is on during the boot, but if its not on can not boot at all, just black screen with blinking cursor or sometimes word GRUB on black screen.

However on my another ArcoLinux installation using xfce desktop and exactly this same automount line in fstab everything goes ok. If the server is turned on it gets mounted, if its off I don't even notice any delay, pc boots just fine, of course files on that server not available if its been off during boot time.

Just wondering what could be the reason that this fstab line is not working on gnome installation? Both installations are on their own drives, even using their own efi partitions. Is the basic arco installation using xfce installs something more samba related as gnome installation?

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can anyone assist?
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