[TESTIMONIAL] Now in Arch, but with Arcolinux "spices" & how-tos!

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[TESTIMONIAL] Now in Arch, but with Arcolinux "spices" & how-tos!

Post by alfkrz »

Hi, Erik & Arcolinux community!
After a while enjoying the Arcolinux iso (the one with Xfce, Openbox and i3) I decided it was the moment to try "vanilla" Arch... not just installing, but using some of the great things I've learned from Arcolinux. This is in fact my second Arch install; I've got a multi-boot PC machine with Arch and some other distros in it, but this was the turn to my post-Arcolinux laptop experience...
I do have a very limited machine (a laptop with a Celeron 3350, 4 Gb RAM and a 64 Gb eMMC), so anything light in resources is, the lightest, the better. After trying the DE & window managers in Arcolinux iso for a while, I found Openbox the one which best suits me: even lighter than Xfce, simple and fast, and gets the job done. i3 is perhaps better with a different workflow than mine, I didn't really get used to it, but is great too, just not what I need.
So this is what I have installed: Openbox, Tint2, Conky, PCManFM (I prefer this rather than Thunar: it has a new-tab button and direct access to installed apps) plus the usual apps: browsers, Termite, etc.
What is great in the Arcolinux Openbox are the config files, which lets you raise and lower volume, adjust brightness, control windows (with a great tiling functionality!), etc. with keyboard shortcuts. So I borrowed a lot of dotfiles from my Arcolinux install and migrated them to my Arch install. I have edited what had to be edited (e. g. Openbox and Conky dotfiles; my actual .conkyrc is in fact a variation of Erik's "Left or Right" one), and everything is working great. After a fresh start and idle, the processor is about 1% of usage, RAM about 195 Mb, the temperature keeps low values and the battery life is just... Amazing (I installed TLP, by the way). As I need everything to be light on resources, I forget about Plank, Nitrogen and other niceties... Tint2 and the kb shortcuts are all I need to open & work with apps, my wallpaper is set with Feh... I even listen to Youtube audio with the nice

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cvlc --no-video URL
command (vlc lets you do this), and music with moc player, so some RAM & resources are better used elsewhere. In fact, I hardly hit the 1 Gb RAM use. :)
So, I have to say a big thank you to Erik Dubois, specially, for all that you are giving us and letting us learn. I really used all of my Arcolinux experience in Arch to get the ideal setup for my machine. I hope you keep up with your good work. We'll keep on learning from you :)

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Re: Now in Arch, but with Arcolinux "spices" & how-tos!

Post by erikdubois »

Thanks for the post.

It is nice to see that people use the learning phase and get to phase 5 where they install Arch Linux and install our spices.

Learn, enjoy and have fun.

That is our, and so it seems your, motto. :D
Learn, have fun and enjoy.
But first use the power of the Arch Wiki
use the tutorials on https://www.youtube.com/erikdubois
then use the power of google
then use the power of our moderators.

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