[OPEN] login not possible and snapshots cannot be mounted

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I installed Arco Linux net on my GEM12 minipc from Aoostar and with (x)wayland and hyprland and it was working for ok for most of its part. in the past I had issues with the network, especially zerotier, but that solved itself (?) and also with bluetooth, but there had been article about it with certain kernel versions.

today when I continued working on my GEM12 (continue after suspending) I did my updates for pacman and yay, but networking with zerotier did fail. I rebooted and now I cannot login anymore. (This also happened with my now destroyed XMG laptop). to make the situation worse I tried booting from a snapshot but getting the error message it cannot be remounted.
So at this point the system is "dead in the water". Most likely instead of troubleshooting I will make my own ISO as described by Eric with ARCH and Calamares and will install hyprv4 from Soldoestech.

Any input, tips and notes are more than appreciated.
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figure out what drivers this hardware needs

start with arch linux iso and build it up from there
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