[OPEN] How to change terminal in arco linux ?

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I'd like to know how we can change Alacritty and replace it by Konsole or anything else ?

Thanks you guys :)
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We have posted similar videos already on youtube.

I would help to know what desktop you are on.

Here are the hints and questions we ask in order to help people.

First Search our websites and social media channels. First Search our Youtube channel. First Search the Arch Wiki.
If you do not find your answer then ...
Give us as much information as possible.
What hardware are you on? - Type "probe" in your terminal and provide us with the link.
What iso are you on? - Type "iso" in a terminal.
What settings have you used? - Type "sudo use" in a terminal.
What desktop are you on? - Type "neofetch" in a terminal
What application are we talking about? - Full name in pacman or yay/paru
Are you using the ArcoLinux configs or did you change something?
Learn, have fun and enjoy.
But first use the power of the Arch Wiki
use the tutorials on https://www.youtube.com/erikdubois
then use the power of google
then use the power of our moderators.
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