[OPEN] Can't connect to some wifi-networks.

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This is the first time ever posting on a forum for help, so forgive me if I fail to provide certain info in this first post..

I recently re-installed ArcoLinuxD, with KDE, everything works perfectly as always, except for my wifi.
I never had any issues with it, I recently moved and have a new router at my house. (Fritz!Box 7490) The last router I had was of the same brand, basically the same router. I can connect to my mobile hotspot using the wifi, but I cant connect directly to the wifi provided by the router, plugging in the ethernet to the router works without issue. (I have a laptop running arcolinuxD with KDE and this one connects without issue, we have 3 phones connecting without issue and a 2nd laptop running Ubuntu also connecting without issue.) So basically the only wifi network I cannot connect to (so far) is the one provided by the new Fritz!Box router.

When I try to connect it asks me for the password, after I enter it, it takes few seconds and it asks me again, and again and so on. I'v been searching the web for the past week trying to figure it out but cant seem to find the solution.

There are no other network services running besides network manager.
The drivers seem to be loaded properly. (As said I can connect to any other wifi network except the one at my home right now)
https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=187788 Tried this solution but did not work.


I hope someone can help me find a solution or point me in the right direction.
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