[OPEN] Transaction commitment failure

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I'm having a small problem with the software updater. I was able to apply all of the updates that appeared this morning with the exception of archmerge-pipemenus-git / version 6.1.3, which I had to use to replace the Pipemenus for Archmerge / version (6.1.2) indicated in the updater. I receive this message:
Transaction commitment failure:
incompatible files:
archmerge-pipemenus-git: /usr/share/applications/conkyzen.desktop already exists in filesystem
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you are asking for trouble having such an old system/package

or you have been rolling since - admiration and respect then

or you used a super old iso to install your OS - that is not smart

words like archmerge have not been used anymore since like 4-5 years ago

here are the new isos


the reference to anything with archmerge has been abandoned years ago

all our packages use arcolinux in the name

remove as you see fit

arcolinux-pipemenus-git is the correct name
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