[CLOSED] Pc turns off on its own

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My pc turns off on its own when I booted up tried to even boot up in my usb trying to reinstall but when it tries to boot up like loads stuff it turns off too how do i fix this :(

Also in the select boot device theirs
arcolinux po biostar
Uefi os po biostar and po biostar also theirs no arcolinux po biostar when i installed with legacy mdos
Now with reinstalled and booted in uefi
Arcolinux po showed up

Im not able to boot in usb device
Im able to boot in arcolinux po biostar but turns off in a while what should i do :(
Or maybe its because of ventoy now that im in uefi too
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Pc too old.

Your post is unclear.

"po biostar" means nothing to us.

Test another Linux distro and see how it goes.

Might be just your hardware.

Do not use Ventoy.

Burn the iso as intended on a USB the proper way.

https://arcolinux.com/everything-you-ne ... so-to-usb/
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Ill see to it i hope it gets fix
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