[OPEN] Login screen freezes

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Hello all

I have a laptop with intel 11th gen processor and intel IrisXe graphics. When I try to login the screen freezes for random amount of time. This can range from 10 secs to a minute.

The information on the this issue is scarce on internet. The only post I found which I feel relates to my problem is in Intel graphics - Archwiki under Troubleshooting category for 6.18 Freeze after wake from sleep/suspend with Alder Lake-Phttps://wiki.archlinux.org/title/intel_ ... leshooting.

However the article is about 12 gen Alder lake-P whereas mine is Tiger lake 11th gen processor.

Do let me know if anyone has faced similar issue. Currently I am using Arcolinux with xfce but I have faced this problem when using gnome and kde as well.

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Provide a probe link here so people can look at your specs.

https://arcolinux.com/provide-us-with-t ... ssist-you/
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