[OPEN] Preload programs into RAM ?

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Is it possible to preload programs into RAM when I start up my machine ? I am asking this because I noticed Google Chrome takes 4-5 seconds to open on my other pc (because I don't have SSD on it) installed it from arcolinux_repo_xlarge, and the newer Google Chrome version from flathub takes even more time to open like 7-8 seconds. Re-launching Chrome after that is fast because is loaded into RAM, so my question is if there is something I can do when I boot up into Arcolinux ? I tried a small daemon called gopreload did everything as it says on archwiki but still no improvement, the 1st launch of Google Chrome takes a lot of time.
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See if there is a switch for the app.

man ...


type_the_name_of_the_app --help

and see what you can use

--b - is background often

--d - is start as daemon often
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