[OPEN] Unable to connect to Wifi

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[OPEN] Unable to connect to Wifi

Post by FreshDatagram »

Did a pacman -Syu yesterday and rebooted no issues.
Today i Login and i have no lxqt network widget.
Sudo wpa_cli

-could not connect to wpa_supplicant

Okay so i Do iwconfig and For some reason i dont have a wlan0

iwconfig gives Me

lo no wireless extensions
enp3s0 no wireless extensions
wlp2s0 IEEE 802.11 ESsID:off/any
So wlp2s0 is my wlan0 i looking for I assuming.

Can somebody please assist me in troubleshooting and reconnecting to my wifi Thanks in advance

Edit: After Some RTFM and More RTFM and more....
I tried to ifconfig wlp2s0 up
Operation not possible due to rf-kill
Ok so i just sudo rfkill unblock wifi and it connected.

Dont know what caused it to be blocked but i still dont have My widget on the panel. I assuming whatever broke the widget is what blocked the interface in rfkill.

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Re: [OPEN] Unable to connect to Wifi

Post by erikdubois »

that may be the case

best to see on bug site of lxdm if something like that has been reported
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