[OPEN] SyntaxError: invalid syntax

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[OPEN] SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Post by m4sea »

When Screenlets is not longer present on AUR I used debtap and converted deb package in to arch package.
So then I installed and went well, but I got en error,
Is it possible to correct it?.
File "/usr/share/screenlets-manager/screenlets-manager.py", line 99
tcats = sorted(self.tmp_cats.items(),key=lambda(k,v):(v,k))[::-1]
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

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Re: [OPEN] SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Post by erikdubois »

I can not help you with such things.
Would cost me too much time.
Learn, have fun and enjoy.
But first use the power of the Arch Wiki
use the tutorials on https://www.youtube.com/erikdubois
then use the power of google
then use the power of our moderators.

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