[INFO] FVWM3 myExt config collection

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[INFO] FVWM3 myExt config collection

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The Fvwm3 development (latest version 1.0.4-65) has focused on the use of multi-monitors. The myExt config collection on the virtual desk with a mouse scroll feature allows gliding from one page to another (2x8) on a single monitor/screen. Similar to having a large paper sheet of 8 screens (click on Virtual Desk image thumbnail}.

I have uploaded the latest myExt config package 1.9.9 on Box-Look. An improvement on the virtual desk config (vPager4pg.sys) and the config file structure. Instead of a separate desk 2x2, it is now part of the main desk 2x4 with a button click (VM Desk). Also, the wallpaper and grid make it look a real move from one page to another.

Download config package from Box-Look:


Virtual Desk 2x8

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Re: [INFO] FVWM3 myExt config collection

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Thanks for sharing
Learn, have fun and enjoy.
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