[INFO]rate-arch-mirrors superseded

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[INFO]rate-arch-mirrors superseded

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rate-arch-mirrors (fast alternative to reflector) has been given a new name by the developer since v0.4.0 to reflect compatibility with Manjaro, RebornOS and others:


There was an issue previously whereby if you ran a systemd timer to run the old rate-arch-mirrors script, it would panic saying it cannot be run as root.
In the new version this can be solved by passing the option

--allow-root arch

so the simplest options would now be:

rate-mirrors --allow-root arch | sudo tee /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

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Re: [INFO]rate-arch-mirrors superseded

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Change has been communicated

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sudo pacman -R rate-arch-mirrors-bin
alias Ram changed its content

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