[OPEN] Nvidia-Settings Missing Options

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[OPEN] Nvidia-Settings Missing Options

Post by caguarah »

Hi Guyz,
I had to write my question here. I did not get so much info in Discord server.
I have tried the options of Arch Linux Wiki Nvidia and Nvidia-Optimus articles but still no progress.(In internet , Some articles exist but they do not solve my problem too.) I have not find also videos of @Erik 's channel about NVIDIA which matches with my problem.

Anyway , my Issue:

In normal situation Nvidia-X server settings has OpenGl modules too but in my case I only have


I do not have any Xorg.conf in /etc/X11/ file too.

When I tried to create

Code: Select all

it corrupts my system with a black screen on boot.

Switching from SDDM to LightDM seems good options but I need to solve what is the real problem here?

My Probe:

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Re: [OPEN] Nvidia-Settings Missing Options

Post by erikdubois »

I have heard some need to switch to lightdm to make it work.

that is ok if that is your solution

then you use that one
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