[INFO] screen tearing with compton or picom

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[INFO] screen tearing with compton or picom

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Change the back-end, reboot and test again.

Also check the arch wiki for your specific driver

at the bottom there is often a problem solving bit


Maybe you can try the experimental backend?

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https://github.com/yshui/picom/blob/nex ... 1.asciidoc

-backend BACKEND

Specify the backend to use: xrender, glx, or xr_glx_hybrid. xrender is the default one.

xrender backend performs all rendering operations with X Render extension. It is what xcompmgr uses, and is generally a safe fallback when you encounter rendering artifacts or instability.

glx (OpenGL) backend performs all rendering operations with OpenGL. It is more friendly to some VSync methods, and has significantly superior performance on color inversion (--invert-color-include) or blur (--blur-background). It requires proper OpenGL 2.0 support from your driver and hardware. You may wish to look at the GLX performance optimization options below. --xrender-sync-fence might be needed on some systems to avoid delay in changes of screen contents.

xr_glx_hybrid backend renders the updated screen contents with X Render and presents it on the screen with GLX. It attempts to address the rendering issues some users encountered with GLX backend and enables the better VSync of GLX backends. --vsync-use-glfinish might fix some rendering issues with this backend.
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