[OPEN] Missing taskbar after Deepin 20 update

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Re: [OPEN] Missing taskbar after Deepin 20 update

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erikdubois wrote:
Thu May 13, 2021 6:06 pm
Deepin works now on our v21.05 iso.

Menu is there.
Taskbar is there.
System icons are there.

Just gave it another try. This time I erased my kept /home for deepin from an older setup and now it completely worked.
Seems some old settings interfered with the new installation. Thx for the update @eric.

Still to-do:

- on login I see the login name from /home instead my full name, while for any other operation I do get the full name offered, but probably it's a security feature

- deepin forgets which monitor is my primary. this issue started with live ISO and is ongoing after installation
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