[OPEN] Theming engine

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[OPEN] Theming engine

Post by mnini »

How to open up graphical texture of a window, like GTK background to make something like blour x nearest neighbours algorythmical shadder there, instead of background, that will derive window and button background from elements with less number of window in x than it, therefore windows bellow. Is there some possiblity, theming like this will be possible with GPU?

I just want this exact algorythm on base of background up to buttons with opacity, up from the bottom colour, something like an alpha channel. Of course with something like metallic shadder to make windows more up in direction, and that'll be changing and creating clusters...

Maybe even something more, like customization of font rendering, so we can have custom shadow like or stroke effect to a font. Minuature dots, up on a stroked line of font would be awesome on 4K monitor.

Also where's the possiblity, to create this noisy thing it'll be producing with exact sync to frames, to deliver neurofeedback back to the user, like for example stuff around text will have change of patterns in sequences in doshed and dotted lines spiraling around it in exact frequency, that would be tunable in settings, and could be set up to some aspect of system like memory usage.

So more memory you use, the higher frequency of your neurofeedback will be, all adjustable.

Is there something like that already possible, or is there some plan, to create theming toolkit, so manupulation of vectors, will be all that simple like manipulation of .svg in paper.js and also rendered layer could be subject to algorythmical change?

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Re: [OPEN] Theming engine

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