[INFO] ArcoLinux v21.03 and Vmware

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[INFO] ArcoLinux v21.03 and Vmware

Post by erikdubois »

We have noticed that Vmware is not booting up our iso.

Revert to VirtualBox as that is the virtual machine we support for a 100%.
Free of charge and used as a daily tester.

We did not change anything to our settings or configurations.

The script that is halting the boot up is here:

https://github.com/arcolinux/arcolinux- ... hine-check

It used to work just fine before. Now it halts.

Next release we will see if we can support Vmware back again.

Deleting the check for Vmware will make it possible to boot up but then you will get a 800x600 resolution again. Then you will need the knowledge to make an iso and remove that script.

Advice for now.

Install on real metal or VirtualBox or Boxes or Qemu.
Learn, have fun and enjoy.
But first use the power of the Arch Wiki
use the tutorials on https://www.youtube.com/erikdubois
then use the power of google
then use the power of our moderators.

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