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conkyzen not compatible if you ask me

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conkyzen not compatible if you ask me

Post by jurgen69 » Sat Aug 04, 2018 4:22 pm

after doing some testing with the last version of arcolinuxb plasma v6.9.2and alot of system updates i have seen that not one conky is working it loads but that if you click with your mouse on emty space desktop that conky is gone , and if you open conkyzen again it is not even pin at all , so it is not compatible not working for me.

and some conkys show in the background the official wallpapers of arcolinux xfce so it is very bad that can not happen.

must look in to that conky in plasma arco .. however some in a virtualbox work but not all so there is somewhere in the script that can not handle plasma :oops:
os - Arcolinuxb - Xfce V6.8.5 :mrgreen:
pc amd athlon x 4 750 quad 4 at 3.400mhz
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