[QUESTION] Has anyone here tried ungoogled-chromium?

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[QUESTION] Has anyone here tried ungoogled-chromium?

Post by julientm »


I am looking for a very light weight browser. Right now, I am using Firefox 66, a bit slow on my current hardware. I am curious to know if anyone tried

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and if it was fast or not.

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Re: [QUESTION] Has anyone here tried ungoogled-chromium?

Post by BloodWolf »

I used it for a while yes but it's still a ram hogging resource monster. The only difference is that it lacks all the google branding and closed source nonsense but the fundamental internals are still the same.

I used waterfox as an alternative browser for a long time. It's a 64bit firefox clone with some added features and security with more freedom with extensions.

If you want really lightweight then the qt browser is lightning fast and full featured.

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