[OPEN] Tint2 Modification

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[OPEN] Tint2 Modification

Post by edmorbius » Sun Apr 26, 2020 11:10 pm

Hi All

I am hoping that I can get a quick tip on what I am going wrong. My goal is to add the output from some personal shells scripts to my Tint2. One example would be to add weather information.

I have found several resources so I thought I new what I was doing. But, when I append the following lines to tint2rc and restart Tint2, I don't see anything.

Code: Select all

execp = new
execp_command = echo "test"
execp_interval = 60
execp_has_icon = 0
execp_continuous = 0
execp_font = Noto Sans 10
execp_font_color = #ffffff 100
execp_padding = 0 0
execp_centered = 0
The echo replaced my weather script to remove any issue that I may have with that script. Shouldn't I see "test" somewhere in the Tint2 bar?

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