[OPEN] Nvidia Drivers broken.

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[OPEN] Nvidia Drivers broken.

Post by Gavin »

Hi, I think this problem comes from XFCE 4.16. When I updated and reboot, my resolution was changed to 1024x768 and I can't open my NVIDIA server settings anymore.

How can I fix this?

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Re: [OPEN] Nvidia Drivers broken.

Post by erikdubois »

They have been broken for a while and there is not always a simple fix.

See message on arch linux website in the news.

Here is all the knowledge we have about Nvidia.

It all depends on the timing and the hardware you have.

https://arcolinux.com/category/arcolinu ... al/nvidia/


Need more help, then I need more info

After checking there is no such issue posted on the forum you create a new post in the correct forum. Give us the following elements at least.
- what iso are you using - type' iso' in the terminal and copy paste that in the post between tags in the forum post
- type 'inxi -b' in a terminal and copy/paste the code between tags in the forum post
- type 'probe' in a terminal and provide us the link
- what graphical drivers have you installed
- on what desktop does the error occur
- is that system up to date - go to TTY (CTRL + ALT + F2 or in VIrtualbox RIght CTRL + F2) and type 'update' and reboot first
- why do you think you have an issue - previous actions can explain the current issue
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