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[INFO] How to install sardi and surfn icons

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[INFO] How to install sardi and surfn icons

Post by erikdubois » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:43 pm

With the installation of ArchMerge you get already many Sardi icons with the installation but there are even more Sardi icons that you can install

Go to a terminal and type

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packer sardi
and check out all the possibilities.

Why are there so many sardi variations?

Because I like to script and there are 16 million colors out there to choose from. Change the Sardi icons to your liking. You only need one hexadecimal color code. Use the power of the scripts I included.

The standard sardi package is this one

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yaourt -S sardi-icons
You can also install Sardi-Extra icons.

Type in a terminal

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packer -S sardi
You can install variations of Sardi >100 variations

You can install surfn with

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yaourt -S surfn-icons-git
Interesting for the ArchMergeD iso.
Learn, have fun and enjoy.
But first use the power of the Arch Wiki
use the tutorials on
then use the power of google
then use the power of our moderators.

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