[OPEN] No audio profile for onboard sound card line out

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[OPEN] No audio profile for onboard sound card line out

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Hello people,

I'm using ArcoLinuxB-cinnamon. Onboard audio is a ALC1220 dual codec, Family 17 HD Audio Line Out .
Since updating pipewire to latest version I cannot select my onboard audio controller, but even before that it didn't have a available profile for the card to select in pavucontrol. It would always show default unavailable or off.( I think this started halfway november 2020) Rolling back (or in my case timeshift) gives me back the audio, but still without a profile available.

I'm not very experienced in the ways of linux by any stretch of the imagination, but tend to find and learn from solutions I normally find on the web.
So my question would be : how do I get my machine to recognize and use the correct profile, so I don't have to use my current workaround using the horrible sound quality of hdmi output and use the onboard sound again.
inxi -F
aplay -Il

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