[OPEN] Kernel 5.11.1 And 5.11.2 Issue

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[OPEN] Kernel 5.11.1 And 5.11.2 Issue

Post by gatesjunior »

Let me first by stating the LTS kernel does not have this issue.

The issue on the latest 11.x kernels, wasn't happening on the 5.10x kernels, is that when you issue a reboot the display stays black until the login box shows up for you to login. Again, if I switch it over to the LTS release and then boot-up and then reboot, everything works fine, grub menu, etc. But on the 11.x kernels it reboots but you won't see anything until the login screen, not even grub.

Also, I do notice on the 10.x kernels and the LTS kernels when you click on reboot, you can see the Rebooting message in the upper left just before reboot actually happens, on the 11.x kernels you do not see that.

Have they changed it to a warm reboot mode instead of cold or something ??

This is always repeatable. Also, there is not xf86-video-intel or any xf86-video* installed on the system at all.

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Re: [OPEN] Kernel 5.11.1 And 5.11.2 Issue

Post by erikdubois »

We have honestly no clue what is going on in the minds of the kernel builders.

You have a good reflex - switch kernel like going to LTS.

If you want to report it


is certainly a good place to check if anyone already reported it.
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