[INFO] Rebranding ArchMerge into ArcoLinux

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[INFO] Rebranding ArchMerge into ArcoLinux

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ArchMerge has been rebranded into ArcoLinux for several reasons. The most important being that the name no longer covers what we are doing. ArchMerge is a merger of Xfce, Openbox and i3. That was the initial idea behind the word “Merge”. Since then we added ArchMergeD and added 8 desktops to it. If you see what we are planning for the future we need to change. The sooner the better.

Hence the rebranding.

“Arch” translated in many languages often resulted in the word “Arco” and Arka”. The ArchMerge team liked the sound of ArcoLinux. It is a reference that we are an Arch based system but it is different enough to tell people it is not THE Arch Linux iso from Arch Linux.

In essence ArcoLinux is ‘remix‘ of Arch Linux parts, AUR parts and parts, that we create ourselves in the Arcolinux packages and that are hosted on our repo. And that is how ArcoLinux is to be perceived by the end users. ArcoLinux is NOT Arch Linux. We will learn to install Arch Linux in phase 4.

For the end-users this means we will have a new logo and new iso’s (a continuation of ArchMerge iso). The numbering just carries on to show you that. Arcolinux 6.6.1 will be released on 1st April 2018.

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