how deleted conkyzen

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how deleted conkyzen

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Hello Erick,
I have a big trouble with this app's, tell me how to deleted this program? Because , every times when I open Arco B conkyzen are in the board down with is icons! I'm obliged to open it & disconnect it ! impossible for me to find how for deleted it definitely ? When I see conky-manager he is installed but it's impossible for changing & modified, color, transparent, false transparent all conkys installed inside. In octopi I can't find conkyzen for deleted it ! I suppose I have a conflict between conkyzen & conky-manager thank you for your help see you soon :lol: :lol:
hello 8-)
But I use 12 OSs free , installed on my PC on 4 hard disk + only one Windaube7 times in times :lol:
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