arcolinux trasher tested - on real hardware

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arcolinux trasher tested - on real hardware

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arcolinux trasher (just want to warn you about that)
if you are a beginner even advanced you will notice if you use this what kind of stuff you are made of in linux.

i tested this thoroughly on real hardware and my experience is you can totally wreck your machine and distro of your programs.

example 1 you install for example deepin , well I would not do this if I were you , because firstly what struck me is that in the deepin settings none of the icom or dark settings will work none , but this is still worst not , what do you use after arcotweak the arco trasher but now it comes which option do you have to use not to get shit on the ped.

I can tell you that I have found many things that are not yet ready in the trasher, I will explain myself further.

suppose you remove deepin with option 1 , well yes, then you will discover something.

if you have nemo in xfce and no other distros so xfce , what happens the folder in .config nemo has been deleted result an error , other more serious things discovered , for example vlc if you start this afterwards and you want to save was you will be there also get an error can not be saved , conkys will not start anymore , what I have also seen if you do an installation of arco linux you can make some things start in the tweaktool or not , well you should check everything is put back again as it was , so in other words this shouldn't be allowed of course , ie it won't work properly in option 1.

regarding option 2 I can't give you a definite answer yet, because I haven't tested it on real hardware yet, option two also removes the concerned distro but will look for what dependencies it has made with other programs, if I were you is a golden advice , stay away from option 1 , because you are going to destroy your xfce distro , also i have very strange appearances when you do option 1 , that in the panel if you would open vlc now , and you close back you see apparently the name vlc is blurry in the panel bar, so that says enough after removing deepin, by the way adding deepin distro is far from perfection, to be honest it doesn't work, if this is also the case with plasma no idea, but I will test further but with option 2, if this is also the case, then there is still work to be done for erik dubois. :oops:

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