[CLOSED] Unable to install any desktop via Tweak Tool

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[CLOSED] Unable to install any desktop via Tweak Tool

Post by Rainer2208 »

I am still relatively new to ArcoLinux and have started with the Hefftor derivative.

The distro came with the XFCE desktop that I like very much, but I would also be able to try other other desktop environments.

To do so, I have installed the ArcoLinux Tweak tool, but I was unable to install any desktop, apparently due to package conflicts.

Like when I try to install the fvwm3 desktop, I get the error message : arcolinux-root-git and hefftor-root-git are in conflict.

Is there a safe way to install the desktops on Hefftor? Or would a re-installation be more recommended?

Can I re-install ArcoLinux without losing my configurations and/ or applications?

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Re: Unable to install any desktop via Tweak Tool

Post by erikdubois »

Hefftor has its own forum and social media.

Please ask there.
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