[OPEN] lightdm upgrade

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[OPEN] lightdm upgrade

Post by danmery »

Hi everyone,
When I run pacman -Syu i get this warning:

warning: lightdm: ignoring package upgrade (1:1.30.0-1 => 1:1.30.0-2)

any idea how to solve or force to do it?
Thanks in advance

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Re: lightdm upgrade

Post by sleepyeyesvince »

Check your

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file for the line that says

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IgnorePkg =
Alternatively if you open the pamac gui, go to preferences and advanced tab and you'll see the list of packages you have set to ignore upgrades to.

My understanding is to try not to ignore upgrades to any package unless you have a very good reason, as otherwise it may break your system

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Re: [OPEN] lightdm upgrade

Post by erikdubois »

Can this be marked as [SOLVED] in the first post.
We are at 1:1.30.0-3 now
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