[SOLVED] Font Question XFCE minimal ISO

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[SOLVED] Font Question XFCE minimal ISO

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Here is the fix!

When I moved FreeCAD to the second monitor which is a 28" 4K display, the UI font became noticeably larger but still too small to work. Moving FreeCAD back to the main monitor scaled the UI font down. For some reason, I turned off the 4K monitor and boom, FreeCAD instantly launched with the expected font size. I doubt if anyone will find this useful but google just might. Life is good (again)! :)

Hello everyone,
I reinstalled ArcoLinux yesterday but instead of the regular ISO, chose the ArcoLinuxB ISO (the 1.6 Gig one).

On the installer where I could have selected additional fonts, I did not and now, FreeCAD is using a tiny UI font which makes the software unusable.
The FreeCAD forum will probably tell me to fix this on the Linux side so I wonder if anyone has advise when it comes to font packages? Thanks. :)

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