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i3 and nividia drivers

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i3 and nividia drivers

Post by jurgen69 » Mon Apr 29, 2019 10:12 am

what i have seen in manjaro i3 after install , and every thing updated , the screen are not in the right place , so i have switch to the nvidia drivers , so after that i setup the screen 1 , 2 , and 3 how the mast act , however , than you save , but what i have see , if you reboot aal the screens come back how it was before haha ... but i have seen on google that i am not the only one .
what i have do than , i do it ones more but i save the file like nvidia.conf , however for some reason the file dont switch to the root access point where the official file is in ect/x11/ and ect ..

so what i have done is override the nvidia.conf in the ect/x11 blaba direct and reboot and everything works perfect , but for some reason under i3 manjaro that file wil not change that is strange .
os - manjaro i3 - archlinux :mrgreen:
pc i7 8core at 4.00mhz triple monitors 24inch 2 xlg and 1 samsung
nividia geforce 8gb
ram 64 gb - drive 1 = 1t ssd and harddrives 4 x 1tb :mrgreen:

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