[OPEN]how to add a Spotify Widget to awesome desktop

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[OPEN]how to add a Spotify Widget to awesome desktop

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First of all thanks so much for everything you do at ArcoLinux - I love your distribution!

I'm trying to use the Spotify widget by streetturtle found here: https://github.com/streetturtle/awesome ... ify-widget

I've followed the instructions but I can't seem to get it to work on any of the three themes you've created under Awesome. I have the fonts, etc installed and sp successfully finds the status, etc of Spotify.

The only thing I've noticed is that the instructions say to add the widget into rc.local except it looks like all of the widgets you've added to the bar are in theme.lua. I'm guessing I just add it along side the other widgets in theme.lua?

Should I be putting: local spotify_widget = require("awesome-wm-widgets.spotify-widget.spotify") at the beginning of rc.lua or theme.lua?

Interestingly I can't seem to get any of streetturtles widgets working so I'm guessing I"m doing something wrong.

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