[INFO] OOMOX update 11/03/2019 version 1.12-1

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[INFO] OOMOX update 11/03/2019 version 1.12-1

Post by erikdubois » Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:22 pm

This particular pkgbuild has been changed to include much more software to build this version.

If you never heard about OOMOX then this is a great time to delete it from your system BEFORE the update.

Code: Select all

sudo pacman -R oomox

If you have updated already and want to delete OOMOX and all its packages....

Copy/paste this as one big block in your terminal

Code: Select all

sudo pacman -R media-player-info qt5-tools solid attica karchive kauth kcodecs kcompletion kconfig kconfigwidgets kcrash kdbusaddons kglobalaccel kguiaddons ki18n kiconthemes kitemviews kjobwidgets kservice ktextwidgets kwidgetsaddons polkit-qt5 qt5-multimedia qt5-speech sonnet kbookmarks kio knotifications kwallet kxmlgui libdbusmenu-qt5 qt5-script rhash cmake extra-cmake-modules resvg oomox
Did you know you have the alias called "rip" to see all the packages that were installed last?

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