[SOLVED] Can we install the desktop Qtile?

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[SOLVED] Can we install the desktop Qtile?

Post by aw512 » Wed Dec 12, 2018 2:41 pm

How do I install the Qtile themed desktop environment as shown here?

I have git cloned https://github.com/arcolinuxd/arco-qtile and ran the scripts inside the ArchWay folder. However, when running sudo pacman -S arcolinux-[TAB][TAB] Qtile is not listed as one of the available packages.
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Re: [OPEN] Can we install the desktop Qtile?

Post by erikdubois » Wed Dec 12, 2018 4:49 pm

We have not created the scripts to install Qtile yet.

You can contact Nick Petrov and Xeoncpu on DISCORD in order to share the configs and become a betatester as it were


start by doing what it says here. That is what we start with anyway.

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