my youtube channel

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my youtube channel

Post by jurgen69 » Wed Jun 05, 2019 9:36 pm

just testing...

In the next days i wil show some easy tricks (all videos wil be i3 )
i love it , it really do what you want it the do ... if you only like to play movies in vlc and only on desktop workspace 8 it remebers haha..
and if you are on workspace 2 with thunar or nautilus for example and you need music than for example clemetine open only on workspace 4
and very special it knows where to open in screen 2 or screen 1 , its amazing ...

running arco linux plasma the last version
i love arcolinux kde plasma on 4 x 27 inch monitors it os very powerfull.
running on predator old but still more powerfull than new computers :evil:

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