arcolinux become a book of information - the arcobible

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arcolinux become a book of information - the arcobible

Post by jurgen69 » Sat May 25, 2019 8:32 pm

If you are new or along time on linux and on arco , it dont matter :lol: if you look arround in everything that erik have done my men its just not linux anymore , its the bible of arcolinux :shock: , its so much videos , photos , info , or ect , this is just fucking amazing , if you dont know what i am talking about , go to a store and go for paper for your printer , and buy some extra color inkt you wil need it , and start to print the whole bunch of eriks websites whoehaha , maybe your printer wil burn by overheat hahaha... :lol:

i have for my self , step by step all this videos in 1080 download with xdman haha but its amazing how long it wil take to download them , but that is for if some video wil be deleted is always better to have a copy of it , its the only way to learn it , i was always a debian users , but i was not a arch guy but with some reading here and there , i have find what i am doing wrong , however rome was not build in 1 day , so a arch system is not a easy deabian system , but i become to love it every day more and more but i love the tilling window manager , its amazing , i like to see some dmw suckless arcolinux two someday :lol:
running arco linux plasma the last version
i love arcolinux kde plasma on 4 x 27 inch monitors it os very powerfull.
running on predator old but still more powerfull than new computers :evil:

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