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Polybar Modules

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Hello everyone,

I use polybar a lot, and have made some modules that help me daily.

1. Polybar KDEConnect: KDEConnect Module that I use a lot. It shows the battery status (changes colours) of all connected devices, and allows sending files, etc. I made this when first shifted from Ubuntu to Arch, and missed the KDEConnect Icon in the status bar.

2. Polybar BrowserMediaControl: This module allows you to control media playing in the browser. It's better to install this along side the KDEConnect one as I use a lot of the functionalities that come with KDEConnect to run this.

3. Polybar qBittorrent: I just made this today, so it might get a few updates in the upcoming days. As of now, it shows no. of active torrents, their average completion, global download and upload speed. It also allows you to resume/pause all torrents with one click.

Hope you like these :D

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