Jigdo as a possible download method

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Jigdo as a possible download method

Post by BloodWolf » Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:48 am

Hey everyone.
I know this is a long shot as jigdo is somewhat of an obscure bit of software but I think it has real promise and potential if it is picked up and popularized.
Development stopped in 2013 but it is available in the AUR.

Basically what Jigdo does is ease the distribution of files across the internet by not sending huge files. You use jigdo to automatically download the constituent parts of a file and jigdo then fits them back together again. All that needs to be provided to the user is a template file and a jigdo file which are both minimal in size. The jigdo file is a list of all the parts it needs to find and the template file tells it how to rebuild it at the end.

This allows a website to offer a file in multiple configurations (such as Arcolinux does with all the Arcolinux, Arcolinuxd and ArcolinuxB isos) by simply maintaining one ftp server/website with all of the necessary files on it. Jigdo scans the jigdo files and pulls only the ones needed to build the iso file.

After this, when it is time to update the iso you simply mount it and choose the mountpoint as a source to scan, jigdo will then pull only the files which differ and rebuild the iso, significantly reducing the amount of data transferred.

You can read about it here http://atterer.org/jigdo or if you want to use it yourself the only distro which offers jigdo downloads currently is the debian bluray install .iso

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