A random rant

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A random rant

Post by damclub-hooligan » Wed Jun 05, 2019 4:46 pm

I have an old Acer laptop and an old MacBookPro. Now I want to make a present for my godchild and give her the MacBookPro. It only has a 256 GB hard drive so I went to a store today and asked them to exchange the hard drives for me (I know its most likely very easy to replace but (any kind of) tool and I have never been on speaking terms.

So this guy says to me: But you are aware that the (Acer) hard drive is going to contain Microsoft Windows and will not be compatible with Mac OS X. So I told them that it does not matter... the hard drive is going to be deleted AND I will install Linux on it. Then his boss Is telling me that this is completely useless and why I do not install Mac OS X.

The MacBook is 10 years old and does not support a recent operating system (Mojave) any more, only High Sierra (support ends next year) and Linux is imho opinion much more sexy.

I still do not understand why there is such a stigma attached to Linux. OK... 10 years ago it was really difficult to install and maintain but nowadays it is such a great OS. Needless to say that many large companies would not have any decent server OS and of course there is also Android.

Sorry for the random rant, maybe it's the heat that caused this very small outburst of anger... :roll:

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