[OPEN] Alt-f keybinding not working in emacs

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[OPEN] Alt-f keybinding not working in emacs

Post by PottersJan »

Hi everybody,

I am trying out ArcoLinux for the first time, and I'm in the process of configuring all the programs I want to use. I am working now with the i3-wm.

One of them is emacs. The problem I have is that the Alt-f command, which in emacs is by default bound to move-back-word, does not work. When I first tried it, my wallpaper all of a sudden changed, so I assume that the command concerns Variety. However, I cannot find anything about it in the Variety config. I have also checked my i3 config, and there it says that Super + F in arcolinux is execute thunar.

Given that I used Alt-f in emacs quite a lot on my previous laptop, I would like to change this. Does anybody know how I could do this?

Thanks in advance, and all the best!

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Re: [OPEN] Alt-f keybinding not working in emacs

Post by sleepyeyesvince »

Looks like Alt+F is bound to Variety, but not what you had assumed:
https://arcolinux.com/how-to-change-the ... h-variety/
It appears its bound to "Saving to Favourites"
I guess when you noticed the wallpaper change it was pure coincidence.
This might also be useful to you:

Hope that helps.

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