[INFO] i3wm - i3blocks 1.5 fix modules after update

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[INFO] i3wm - i3blocks 1.5 fix modules after update

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May be noticed that i3blocks - bar for i3wm aint working any more
meaning that new i3blocks 1.5 installer will flush old scripts folder /usr/lib/i3blocks/

info on developer github > https://github.com/vivien/i3blocks/releases

only way to get it working after 2019 August update
is to install from
AUR " i3blocks-contrib " package
Git Clone URL: https://aur.archlinux.org/i3blocks-contrib.git
Package Base: i3blocks-contrib
this installs back predefined scrips into /usr/lib/i3blocks/ [ block name ]
any way this is nice bar but as i understand developers made these changes
because of variety of different distros + different hardware - and they
give freedom to " User " to build your own bar

something like this >

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