Logout disconnects HDMI insterface

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Logout disconnects HDMI insterface

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I am observing a strange behavior couple of weeks already with openbox-xfce-i3 ISO. I have dual screen setup with 2 different monitors.
When try to logout for any of the WM's or xfce, my primary monitor complaining form missing HDMI signal, while the second one seems to be ok displaying the login manager wallpaper.
In that case I am jumping to TTY1 via ctrl-alt-F1, the HDMI signal starts and after that I able to use TTY7 to login via the login manager interface. The strange thing here is that it is valid for openbox, i3 and xfce - same behavior everywhere.
The same happens when tring to jump to TTYx form the already working X session - TTY7 is with disabled HDMI signal.
The only kinda related modification I've made is that the main monitor resolution been down scaled a bit - from 4k to 1440P.
Tried to change primary monitor, it doesn't work. Also tried to restore default resolution and it didn't helps as well.

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