[OPEN] Cannot paste into nano text editor

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[OPEN] Cannot paste into nano text editor

Post by thelynx »

I'm running the full Arco version on my desktop. I have an issue with pasting into Nano or Vim editor. For example, if I cut a line of code from a website and go to insert it into a file in Nano, I can't paste it. My only option is to use Atom where I can cut and paste, but I would prefer to use Nano as I have been using it for years.

I recall having a similar issue with another distro ages ago and the issue was with Clipman, but I'm not sure that's the case here.

Any advice to get this issue sorted would be much appreciated.

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Re: [OPEN] Cannot paste into nano text editor

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No issue here

go to a website copy paste a text with ctrl + C

press ctrl alt t and termite opens

start nano

shift ctrl v and text is in nano

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