[OPEN] Desktop background not saved on reboot

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[OPEN] Desktop background not saved on reboot

Post by heathrobinson »

It is only minor problem but my preferred desktop background does not survive a reboot.
Looking through similar posts it seems the fault might be that skel has not moved the latest settings from /etc/skel/.config/dconf/user to my .config/dconf/user file, could I just move them manually or do I have to use the dconf editor, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

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Re: [OPEN] Desktop background not saved on reboot

Post by erikdubois »

You have posted this on the forum of XFCE4.

So we are assuming you have that desktop.

Skel can be the reason that the wallpaper changes.

Info on skel : https://arcolinux.com/updating-your-sys ... -settings/

We like the wallpaper to be present in a clean install.

Xfce settings for the wallpaper are in ~/.config/xfce4.

Dconf is for gnome, budgie, cinnamon, ... They save the setting there.

Variety is another way to set your wallpaper. Lots of articles about that.
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