[SOLVED] Dell hangs on reboot

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[SOLVED] Dell hangs on reboot

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Installed ArcolinuxB-Xfce, then added Qtile and Awesome. Last night when I boot up, it took 2 long minutes from power button press to login screen splash! The shutdown took 30 sec. This is impractical when in a work environment. This happen even after the grub fix explained in one previous post.
Today, at first boot, it took 30 seconds to boot but. But as I soon after rebooted to test the shutdown time, it only got to a black screen with a underscore character at the top left corner. Several minutes passed without a restart so I had to long press the power button to shutdown. The following boot up took 30 to 40 seconds.
Is this normal? It shouldn't be!

dmesg output:

NOTE: It seems the I solved it by: running the file: ~/.bin/400-fix-intel-microcode-v1
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