[OPEN] Wakfu java weirdness?

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[OPEN] Wakfu java weirdness?

Post by arcolizard »

Hello, Hoping someone will be kind enough to help me get wakfu up and running properly. The stand alone Ankama launcher opens properly, wakfu installs properly, but in-game the loading cinematic doesn't show and if I go into a game anyway, the actionbars are not there and the tutorial level loads but there are no dialogues etc. I would guess this is a java problem? Not sure. The steam version doesn't launch at all and ends up locking up steam...

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Re: [OPEN] Wakfu java weirdness?

Post by erikdubois »

Tell us the steps you did and we can do them too.

Java - versions are important

minecraft works with java too

changing version there helped users in the past
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